Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Next Sewing Project is Almost Done!

I am making panels for a client's kitchen, one large window and the slider out to the backyard.  She chose a beautiful yellow/gold fabric with a dull finish on one side and a shiny surface on the other.  It can be used either way.  We opted for the softer finish, it's going to make gorgeous panels and drape beautifully.

So, out comes the folding tables again. 
I cut the front fabric into 9 widths that will be combined into 4 separate panels for the necessary width to cover the windows with a 2.5X fullness. 
Then I did the same for the lining.
 After sewing widths into the proper size panels I went ahead and sewed a 2" double hem in the front fabric and the lining.

I keep a tape measure handy and turn once, ironing as I go, turn a second time, give it a crisp ironed line and pin it until I get it stitched.

Here I am getting it all put together and ready for the finishing touches.  I have found the best way to work with these larger panels is to work on the floor.  I vacuum first of course, then I clear out all the furniture (yep, I make a huge mess) and lay out the face fabric, front side down.  Layering the lining, front side up on top.  The hems are at the top of the photo, the lining is roughly 1" higher than the face fabric.  I have determined my finish length so I use a tape measure and mark that length at the top (which is the bottom of the picture).  I use that mark to fold down the top hem, encapsulating the lining fabric while I'm at it, temporarily pinning it in place until I can get it machine stitched.
The side seams I do by hand.  I fold them over in the same way and pin them all in place.  I iron all the way around and then hand stitch the side hems and machine stitch the top seam (this is where the weight of the panel will hang so I want a sturdy, machine stitch here).  These will hang from a rod with rings so no pocket is necessary.  Easy peasy!
I have one more panel to hand stitch, a little more ironing and they're ready to hang.

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