Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

This poem is a selection from a book my grandfather had published with the help of a nephew in 2006.  Very fitting for the day.  It's called, "Dear Kate".
Dear Kate  by Johnny Haun
The first time I took a good look at you Kate,
The adrenalin was flowing and my excitement was great.
My head was spinning with thoughts of bliss
For one does not often see such  slick chick as this.
You sure looked cute in your seersucker suit,
Your hair was so long and lovely, you were so pretty and neat.
As I said, you were so pretty and neat,
That the other girls could not hope to compete.
On the piano you played a hymn like, "Amazing Grace".
I loved your pink glasses; they enhanced your pretty face.
When you sang, your voice was soft and sweet,
You were on my mind both day and night, I could not stay away.
I planned to return someday to the little church on College Street where we first did meet.
Then one day I was compelled to see you again in church,
On the piano bench wearing those pink glasses so sweet.
Also that seersucker suit so neat,
Baby, I have always said
"God put us together,
Way back then!!!"
Now, 55 years are past,
55 years of fun and laughs
And very few tears
Over all these years.
Babe, I give you credit for the laughs
But I take the blame for all those tears.
Kate, you know I like every bike I see,
But only one has favor for me,
And that is my HARLEY D!!
I like most all women too, but Babe my first choice is YOU!
You are now 77 years young, I am pushing 74,
With God's blessing we may have a few years more.
I must thank you dear for your loving care of me,
Otherwise known as T.L.C.
Let me take the time to say
"I am so glad you chose to be mine."
Babe, your kisses are still quite sweet
And you are still fun to hold at 77 years old!!
Love You Always, Your Johnny
Grandpa wrote this roughly 5 years before he died.  His funeral was on February 13th, 2012 and this poem was read in honor of the holiday but also as a testament to his love and devotion to his family.
I remember the morning of the funeral, mom and grandma were still trying to decide what song to sing at the funeral.  What was grandpa's favorite song?  They couldn't decide.  I was alone in the kitchen when I saw grandpa's book, so I picked it up and started reading.  Here's another one of grandpa's poems entitled, "I Will Fly Away".
I Will Fly Away   by Johnny Haun
When I die this is how I want it to be.
I will awaken and see,
An Angel of God looking back at me,
He could be sitting
On my death bed near my feet,
Then I will discover that death
And dying can be quite sweet.
"Precious in the eyes of the Lord
Is the death of His Saints"
"Oh death where is thy sting,
Oh grave where is thy victory?"
Maybe then I will simply wait
For the Angel to lead me
To those Pearly Gates, Where Jesus will be waiting
To partake of supper with me.
One sad thing of dying
Is to leave loved ones behind,
Some to see no more
And others we shall meet again,
We must take care,
Lest because of our sin
We cannot meet Jesus in the air,
And make an entrance there.
I believe Heaven will be filled with  music,
And very special will each song be.
One song I want to hear while going up is
"Nearer My God To Thee."
Thanks Grampy, now we know what song to sing. 
While I sat with Grampy over the final month of his life, he spent a lot of time in "his own little world" staring at his feet, like he was looking for something.  Turns out, he was!   

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