Sunday, February 1, 2015

Featured Artisan- The Art of Rose Rushbrooke

My first sewing project was an oak leaf quilt I started right after my second son was born.  Not sure I ever finished it, by now it's long gone.  I've worked on many different quilts and sewing projects since then but I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for quilts.  Mom and I frequented the Paducah Quilt Show for years, if you haven't been it's a wonderful show with a great selection of gorgeous quilts to inspire and tons of shopping. 

I have always been fascinated by quilts and especially love some of the newer techniques that truly make quilting quite the art form.

While perusing Pinterest one day (well, let's be honest, nearly every day) I found this particular quilt and was awestruck.  Absolutely gorgeous work.


This quilt, called a fractal quilt, was done by Rose Rushbrooke and incorporates math, yes, math into the design.  You know, that subject most of us hated and thought we'd never, ever use again!

She does incredible work.  For more information on the artist check out her Bio here:

At the beginning of the year I offered up an Art Challenge, I am working on Art Journaling, for the first time, throughout this year and I challenged the rest of you to take up a new form of Art or just take the time to get back to one you've been neglecting.  If you take a look at more of Mrs. Rushbrooke's work, you'll see she participated in a Quilt Journal in years past.  Also a very cool idea.  Take a look at some of her journaling work here:

She writes a blog and has a website.  Lots of great stuff.  If you're looking to learn some new techniques check out her tutorials.

Here's another of her beautiful pieces of art.  Amazing stuff!
I have always found quilting to be extremely relaxing and therapeutic.  There are so many patterns and techniques that you can incorporate into your designs, truly making them your own.

If you're a quilter, feel free to share some of your masterpieces.  We'd love to see some of your work.

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