Sunday, February 15, 2015

Never too Old to Dance!

Friday I spent the afternoon at the nursing home with Grandma.  Many times the afternoon activity is music and it is so much fun to watch all these older people, some of which don't remember who they are or where they're at, yet they get out on that dance floor and boogie like teenagers.  It can't help but brighten your day to see.  CeeCee, the woman in many of the pictures, is the activities director and she does an absolutely fabulous job. 
Here's a few pictures of the dancers:
At one point, before I got my camera out, this gentleman had a girl on each arm and was twirling them simultaneously with a big ole grin on his face.  He was having a blast. 
 Many times a group of ladies will get out there and just swing to the music.  Any exercise and movement is good for them and CeeCee does an incredible job at trying to get them moving and keeping them engaged.
 This little lady can boogie with the best of them.  She must have done some serious dancing in her younger years, she can really move her feet, amazing!
 This particular lady is one of my favorites.  She's a riot.  She was smiling so big but I couldn't get it on camera.  One time I was looking for grandma and I came across her path at the entry to this room and she was just staring at the floor.  I looked down and there was a penny.  She was contemplating getting it.  She made me nervous as she slowly and carefully tried to bend down and pick it up.  I really wanted to just get it for her but I just kept at the ready in case she took a tumble.  She started and stopped many, many times and eventually figured out how to steady herself and get down to get that penny.  You should of seen her face when she got it and got herself standing straight again.  She threw both hands up in the air and hollered, "I got it" with a look of just pure joy on her face.  I will never forget that day!
 Grandma, dancing away.  It takes her a little to warm up to the thought of dancing but once you can get her up she thoroughly enjoys herself.
 Here we are enjoying the music.  It was a couple older gentlemen today singing country songs, well, older than me but not that old.  Anyhow, they sang a song entitled, "I don't look good naked anymore!"  Hysterical!  I'd never heard that one before but the residents who understood the words got a kick out of it and those who couldn't get the words to register just loved the music.  They played for a good hour and then it was time to pack it all up.  Everyone hates to see them go, music is easily their favorite activity I think, they just love it!
If you're talented at all, can sing or play an instrument, consider volunteering at your local nursing home, the residents enjoy the music so much and I can guarantee you it'll be well worth your time!

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