Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Art Challenge 2015- Card 5

This weeks Art Challenge is a little slow in the making.  I try to work on my weekly journal card on Thursday's, posting on Friday.  Well, this weeks unexpected turn put a kink in my well laid plan. 
On Tuesday, I met a friend for lunch.  Immediately it was obvious something was wrong.  Her father had gone to the doctor Monday morning only to be sent to the ER and then he ended up in CCU at an Atlanta hospital.  Things went from laughing and joking with her sister and mother on the way to the doctor's office to serious and life-threatening very quickly.
While she was filling me in on the latest happenings, she blurted out, "wanna go to Georgia"?  Of course she shut up quickly and tried to change the subject.  It was one of those things, you're scared, nervous, really need some help but don't want to put anyone out, jokingly, yet very seriously throw something out there and....
We left for Georgia that afternoon.  Thursday, my normal Art Challenge day I was sitting in a hospital waiting room while my friend and her family tried to hold it together as their loved one fought for his life.
I tried to work but this is all I got accomplished and then it got put away till I was home (not that Monday was any easier but that'll probably be next week's card so I'll skip over that)!
I managed to cut some haphazard strips and begin weaving them together.  My thought was how amazing it is the way life throws you some curves and everything seems to just intermingle its way together and keep on trucking along.  People come to your aid when needed, even in difficult times things just kind of have a way of working out, one way or another, and life just keeps on going!

When I got home on Monday, I managed to get the woven paper glued down onto the front side of my prepped card.  All I did then was draw a vehicle sputtering along life's highway.  Good enough for this week.  Now, on to the back side!

This is the back side of the card after the prepwork I did at the first of the year, just a little bit of ink blots to get me started. 
Due to the happenings of this week I decided to write out the events of the week and I wanted to do some type of cut-outs so I used a flower stencil and made "teardrops".  I also wanted a little more of the writing to show so I made larger openings as well.
So, to begin I took an extra, blank card, brushed on some water and then took some teal colored acrylic paint and did a wash for the background.
I then used a gorgeous color of "magenta-ish" paint to outline the spaces I wanted cut out.
 Drew in some teardrops and made my cut-outs.
Remember, this is all on an extra card, I then proceeded to add the details of the week onto the original card back.  Including some of the details of the morning.  Monday was quite the day!
To finish it off I outlined all my cut-outs with that same gorgeous paint color and then glued them over the top of my writing.  I wanted enough open so that in years to come I could read enough of it to remember some details.
Now, looking at it I realize I forgot to date it.  Once I add that it'll be done. 


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