Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Carved Vertical Concrete Pool Surround

This is the second project I've completed at my BIL's.  Uncle Bill did all the prep-work. Got the base poured and then I swooped in and did the vertical carving treatment. Hoping to get some actual "up and running" pictures in the spring. This cave was an opportunity to go a little wild and really have some fun, but they weren't interested. So we kept it plain and simple. It still turned out pretty cool and quite unique.
This is the base. We did a waterfall a few years ago and we chunked out the concrete while it was setting to give us some dimension to start with. That's what you're seeing here.
Here's a view into the "cave." This is the base
Now I've got some carving done. I decided to frame out the entrance of the cave and add supports throughout. Similar to what you'd find in a real coal mine situation. Would have loved to put a steering wheel in here and some other "fun" stuff for the kiddos but that idea got vetoed. One of the things I love about this stuff. You can pretty much get as creative as you'd like.
Here's a little bit of carving on the inside.
This is from inside the cave looking out. You can see one of my interior "supports" towards the entrance I have carved. The other side of the "wood support" is still the base.
Here's the other side again. I'm inside the cave looking out.
I am at the entrance looking towards the back. 
Main entrance looking towards back entrance/exit. It's a much smaller doorway. Most of the carving is now done.
Here we are with some color. They wanted it to contrast with the lighter concrete and the wall surrounding the back side of the pool.
The inside of the cave with some color.
Hopefully this spring/summer I'll be able to get some nice finished pictures.  Also stay tuned, in the near future I'll get the waterfall project from a few year's back posted.  Uncle Bill has a concrete company in the Peoria area so he does all the prep work and then I come in and do the finishing.  Works pretty good!

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  1. This is really a nice rock design. You've done a good job making it appear like natural rock.


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