Friday, February 13, 2015

A Bathroom Make-Over For the Bird Lover

This is a bathroom I worked on a couple years back.  My mission, "something different", she was ready for a change and most everything in the room needed to stay.  I have never seen a bathroom with so many knick-knacks, and I had to keep them in the room.  That was probably the most difficult part of the task.
Here's a few before pictures: 
 Above is the view from the entry door into the room.  The back left corner (behind the schotsky wall) is a shower, across from the shower is the toilet area and directly across from the sink is the laundry closet with bifold doors.
 This particular client wanted a bold statement room and was not opposed to wallpaper, oh and by the way, she loves birds.  So, I went on a wallpaper search, brought back tons of samples, one of which was a really beautiful, yet busy, bird paper.   Of course she fell in love and that is what she chose.
First step, removing the wallpaper border along the bottom of the walls, clearing out the room and prepping the walls with primer/sizing for wallpaper.
 Cabinetry before, we are planning to paint the cabinets and change out the hardware.
 Primed and ready for paper.
 Check out the change.  It's busy, but wonderful.  No way we're putting schotsky's back on that wall.  One of the first decisions was "where to put all the stuff".  My goal was to hide it away, I didn't want it to be the first thing you see when you walk into the room, yet the client loves her knick-knacks and they needed to be front and center for her enjoyment.  So, back wall it is!
 The back wall of the room behind the toilet and around the closet doors we painted a soft green pulled from the wallpaper print.  It's also the same color we painted the cabinetry.
 What a difference moving the knick-knacks has made.
 Here is their new home.  I left her cabinet in the back corner and painted it to blend into the wall.
 Now, it's not the first thing you see upon entering the room but it is reflected in the mirror.
 The painted cabinets turned out wonderful.   I changed the knobs, what a great, fresh new look.
Not my style overall but its a better design than before and the client is very happy, that makes for a successful project.

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