Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hamburger Patties with Roasted Carrots

I do believe this diet is going to get the best of us.  I am hungry most of the time and my husband feels like he's starving to death.  There are no fillers, so your body never registers as full.  We fill like we're "missing something".  It gets better over time but never completely goes away. 
Every night I hear, "I'm starving".  This was our dinner tonight.  Roasted carrots, which I love and my husband chokes down.  All I do is cut them up, put them in a plastic baggy.  Add some olive oil, salt and pepper, then throw them in the oven till they're tender.  @400. 

So Good!
 The main course is a simple hamburger patty.  No bun and no condiments.  I mix in pepper (I used red and jalapeno's) and onion, a little bit of garlic powder and a dash of milk (if I have it).  Not on the diet and Worcestershire sauce makes it in as well, not tonight.
 Fry them up in a pan and they're an easy, tasty dinner.  Cheese is a treat.  I think dairy causes my husband some problems (he deals with migraines) so we are trying to cut back on that as well.  We did add some cottage cheese and pears to complete the meal.
It was very good, just no fillers.  You eat, finish everything and really just want a handful of chips.  That's awful, but true!
The patties are wonderful if you have deer meat as well.  Tomorrow, pork tenderloin and sweet potato (for me, he hates sweet potato, I'll have to figure out something else for him).   To make the pork tenderloin compatible with our diet I'll have to leave out the BBQ sauce, no condiments allowed. 

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