Friday, January 30, 2015

Art Challenge 2015- Card 4

Welcome to my Art Challenge 2015.  This week for me is all about time, time management actually.  Not my forte'.  I tend to get overwhelmed and just shut down when things begin to pile up.  I really hate that about myself.  This week has been a week of playing catch up and it feels good to be digging out, finally.
I began my card with strips cut from old magazines.  I placed them diagonally across the page and then cut them to fit the card.
 I used a flower cut-out from wrapping paper as a "clock" base.
I colored it in a little bit and added clock features then wrote "Time Waits For No Man!"  on the edge of the card.  I need to go buy supplies so I can grommet the clock hands on.  I glued them instead. 
I chose this particular card because the back already had what looked like a "clock" from the prepwork process.  I chose to do some line drawing around the edges to fill them in.
 Then wrote the many things that divide my time, fill my day and pull me in so many directions within the spaces of the "clock".
Will I ever get better at time management?  Probably not!  I tend to throw too many things on my to-do list, not get enough done and then get annoyed with myself for "failing".  Anybody else do this?  How do you help yourself to better manage your time? 

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