Monday, January 12, 2015

Sausage Rolls- A New Year's Tradition

My mother in law has a tradition on New Year's Eve of making Sausage Rolls (and of staying up till midnight like you other crazies out there). I'd never had one nor heard of them until my first New Year's in the family and I have grown to LOVE them!  I make them slightly different than my MIL, yep, "they're not like mom's", I hear that a lot.  Anyhow, they are relatively easy, freeze well and make for a nice quick dinner another night if there's leftovers.

Here's what I do:

Brown your sausage, drain.

Add 1 egg per roll of sausage and Parmesan Cheese to taste. 

You're going to use frozen dinner rolls so have them defrosting and when they're cool enough to roll out, spread them as thin as you can without making too many holes (you're gonna make a few, especially if they're extra thawed out), then spoon your sausage mixture on top and roll 'em up. 
Lay them seam side down on a cookie sheet and bake till brown. 

In all honesty I pay no attention to how long that is, at least 18 minutes I'd say.  I set a timer for about 15 and continually check them till they're brown. 

Now, my MIL gets all crazy and adds pepper and mushrooms, probably onion too.  UGH!  I'm a tad too picky for that but my husband loves them.  She also uses frozen bread loaves vs. the dinner rolls.  If you use the bread each loaf makes 8 rolls (at least that's how she divies it out).

After having them at my house one time my mom went home and made them using crescent rolls.  Now you know that was good!

Whenever I'm going out of town I try to have these handy for my husband.  He loves them and they're an easy dinner for him to fix for himself without too much hassle. 

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