Friday, January 16, 2015

Art Challenge 2015- Card 2

First thing I did this week was add some gesso to the front surface of my card.  I'd read a little bit about it before I decided to offer up this Art Challenge 2015 so I had it on hand and just happened to find a video detailing a technique I wanted to try this week, requiring gesso.  How convenient is that?
I came across a you-tube video (I don't spend a lot of time on you-tube so I have no idea how I found this, maybe on Cloth Paper Scissors) but I really like the technique, I might be spending too much time on you-tube now.  Here's the video:
Hers is gorgeous, mine, well, it's alright for a first attempt  Hopefully I'll get better with practice.  I think I chose too small of a stencil (delicate), trying to wipe it off bent it up a little.  Hey, it worked!
Here's my stencil after I wet it down.
Like I said, I bent it up trying to wipe it off.  Next time I'll buy a stencil with  a larger design.  It also wouldn't hurt if I didn't go at it like I'm killing snakes, a little more gently would be good.
You'll also notice that I added a "door" as well.  I cut one out of a magazine and glued it onto heavy stock paper, then added more gesso.  If I had known what I was going to do ahead of time I could of had the prep work done.  I'm more of a last minute gal.  Then, I did the reverse stencil effect.
My plan is the concept of a door and the many opportunities that abound but we let them pass on by.  Why do we do that?  I added some color inside the swirls as well.  Just a few to start.
I continued the thought process by adding "When Opportunity Knocks..." along the side border and "Open the Door!" with a sun on the inside.  I'm thinking, we get all these little rays of hope, sunshine if you will.  We need to see them for what they are and grasp the opportunities. 
On the inside I wrote a few little "rays of sunshine".  Things like, "what are you waiting for" and "no more excuses".  We can always think of something to talk us out of opportunities that come our way can't we?
I finished by adding more color to the swirls.  I would love to add some type of handle or clasp to the door.  Not sure what or even how.  Might do a little research, hit my local Michaels and see what I can come up with. 
For the back, well, Little Miss Pepper has been on my mind this week.  Last month at her vet visit I was told she was too little, not gaining enough (she's been dealing with worm issues, hopefully she's finally free of them) so I've been very nervous about this month's visit.  That was yesterday, she's right where she should be.  Talk about a load off. 
I started by simply writing a little something around the swirl.  It says, "Swore we'd never have another, yet look at us now.  30 lbs. and growing.  I'd forgotten how much I love having a dog, and what joy, and frustration, they bring."  The black swirl was a product of my prepwork weeks ago.
I really wanted to print off a black and white picture to put on the left side of the card but my printer wouldn't work.  So, I opted to draw her with watercolor pencils.  Not great, but good enough for me.
Then, I spritzed the edges with water and added a little more black ink.  Ooops!  I didn't capture that.  Then, I took the same color marker I wrote with and colored it in.  Adding bold pops of fuschia.
Again, I'm not the best artist and Art Journaling is a brand new endeavor, my goal is to learn a new technique each week, incorporating it into that week's card. 
Hope you've found a craft to work on and maybe learnt a little something new yourself.  Remember, if you'd like to share your art let me know and I can add you to the group board I created on Pinterest.
Looking forward to next week!

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