Thursday, January 1, 2015

Featured Artisan- Karen Tarlton of Karen's Fine Art

While browsing Pinterest one morning I came across this beautiful angel painting and immediately fell in love.  I adore paintings done with all that texture more than any other style so I went browsing, trying to get a little more information on the artist and her technique.  Pinterest links back to an Etsy shop called Karen's Fine Art and an array of gorgeous paintings ranging from florals and whimsical animals to beautiful angels and sailboats.  Some really great stuff.

Karen is a prolific painter who busts out a completed painting nearly every single day and sales them on her Etsy site.  As well as doing commissioned work. 

She works with a palette knife, incredible!  I am so infatuated with her technique and use of bold colors with such stunning results.  So talented!

Here is one of my favorites, although picking a favorite is nearly impossible, I love so many of them:
To see more about Karen and her work visit her blog where she posts her daily happenings.  Lots of beautiful artwork to look at.  Very inspiring.  She also has a Youtube channel where you can watch as she creates one of her beautiful paintings. 
She is so inspiring, I can't wait to share more of her work with you throughout the month of January.  Hope she inspired you as much as me.

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