Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hairpin Table with Decoupaged Top

My husband and I went to an auction and picked up this little table and four chairs.  The chairs need reupholstered and the table needs some cleaning up and a little pizzazz!  At first my thought was to decoupage a map on the top surface but the more I thought about it the more I hated the idea.  Instead, I found this adorable paper that totally fits the time period of the table.  Couldn't have worked out better.

The legs need a little bit of cleaning up.  The table top is in pretty good shape but boring as can be.
Here's the great paper I decided to use on top.  It reminds me of the "starburst" countertops so common during the 50's.  Perfect for this table.
I have an awful time with these papers.  At first I thought it was the thickness of the paper, maybe how large of  a piece I'm putting on.  Nope.  No matter what I do the paper gets wet and BAM! it wrinkles up and there's not a lot I can do about it without ruining the paper.  So, I'm learning to deal with it.

Decoupage has some similarities to wallpapering but so NOT the same!  The more you touch the paper, the more you screw it up so I accept the wrinkles and sand them down, adding an interesting aged look to the top.
 Four coats of ModPodge is on.  Its turning out great.
 Here it is, done.  Four coats of ModPodge and three coats of Polycrilic.  I really love it.


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