Saturday, January 24, 2015

Art Challenge 2015- Card 3

If you've missed previous posts, I offered up an Art Challenge for the New Year.  I am making an Art Journal that is a 52 card reflection of the weeks as they pass. This is week 3.  Here's some links to week1 & 2.
To begin this week I simply chose a card that I'd already done a little background work too (here's the link for prepwork).  I started with the back this week, I planned to focus on spring.  I am suffering from a major case of spring fever these days.  The weather has warmed up just enough to tease me.  I used watercolors and drew in a couple flowers.
I filled in the negative space with a soft yellow and added the number "56", which I looked up, that's how many days till Spring.  Come on Spring!
 I also added a couple buttons, one is functional, you'll see why when we get to the front of the card and the other is purely decorative.
While that side dries I cut out a girl from a tin and also a floral skirt.  My mom and I have decided to go to Bead N Button again this year.  Can't wait!  One of the things I want to play with is cutting up and using pieces of tin in my jewelry making.  Mom is planning to give me a lesson or two while we are there.  In the meantime, I received a couple books from her this week on Mixed Media Dolls and Tinwork.  Very cool stuff.  That is really the inspiration for the front side of my card this week. 
 I used super glue to attach the skirt.
 I also cut out some floral for decoration and poked a hole in the girl and the flowers.  Then, Miss Pepper and I went for a walk to let everything dry and enjoy a small portion of another beautiful day!
 When we returned, I used a  needle and thread to "stitch" the girl to my card going through to the button on the back.  I added a small drop of glue to the flowers so they don't twist.  There is also a button hidden between the flowers and the girl tin so that it has some dimension as well.  I knotted the thread on the other side and added the cute little green flower button to hide it. 
 The teal "tendrils" are part of the prepwork process.  I added some greenery around my little girls feet as well. 

Again, I'm not the best artist and Art Journaling is a brand new endeavor, my goal is to learn a new technique each week, incorporating it into that week's card. 
Hope you've found a craft to work on and maybe learnt a little something new yourself.  Remember, if you'd like to share your art let me know and I can add you to the group board I created on Pinterest.
Looking forward to next week!

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