Monday, January 5, 2015

Pinkie, My New Space

Wow, am I exhausted.  I spent most of the day Saturday working on cleaning out and rearranging my space at The Pink Elephant Antique Mall where I have a shop.  I more than doubled my space the first of the year, which is wonderful, but man, oh man, I am so tired. 

Here's what my space looked like before:

I made a U-shape out of my original booth (it's a 10x12 space) with this being the only entrance.  The next picture shows the shelving across from the buffet/hutch to the right of the picture and into the neighboring booth, which became mine the first of the year.
 Wow, all the space to the right of the black shelving is now mine, including the locked case.  The black shelving is the very front of my original space with the opening to the left.
 Here is the entrance to my original booth and a look into my new space (I worked Saturday trying to figure out where to put stuff and getting it all set up).  It is a TON of space. 
 Here's another idea of how much space I now have.  The right of this picture is my new space.  You can see a portion of the black bookshelves that are my original space and the opening.  It is really a lot of space.  The next few pictures are the process of getting things changed over and where I left it Saturday.  Lots of work and I still have a LOT to do.
Saturday, I opened up the space.  First things first, I cleaned off the T.V wall unit that blocked the new space from my original space and moved it along the back wall.  Next, I started working on those black shelves.  I took everything off, dusted, moved shelves and placed it all again.  I am so sore!
 Here's where the T.V. wall unit sat before, separating the two spaces.  Look at that mess!
 The table I brought home.  It needs work.  I tried to sell it as is, to no avail, now it's my turn.  I have plans, can't wait to get started.
 Alrighty, moved the shelving into the corner and completely opened up the space, leaving the middle free for whatever furniture pieces I have ready at the time.  Right now it is a mess but has come a really long way.  I can't get back in to finish up until Tuesday.  I had to leave it with some things lining the edges, I really hate that but it's the best I could do today, I ran out of time. 
 This entire area, and then some, is the new section.  I will eventually get the case set up for Jewelry display.  I've made a turntable for earrings and am hoping to always have a mirror on hand.  This wall is the easiest to drill (the others are cinder block) so it is going to remain my collage wall.  Anything that hangs is going to find a home here.

The lowboy dresser is my first piece of furniture for the new year.  I am completely infatuated with it.  I have a dresser also done in two-tone that needs a few small fixes, hopefully I can get it done soon.
 I am really excited for my new space.  I've got lots of furniture waiting for me to get to it.  Busy, busy.  Can't wait to share my adventures with you.


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