Monday, August 8, 2016

10 Holiday Paper Mache Ideas For You To Try

I haven't worked on a paper mache project since I was a kid.  With the opening of my new shop rapidly approaching I would love to include an occasional paper mache project in the class schedule.  So messy, but so much fun.  Here's some great Holiday Projects using paper mache.  


You could wear it, hang it or make it smaller to use on another project, lots of options for a witch's hat.
Paper Mache Witches Hat Tutorial
How about a skull, looks a little harder but perfect for Halloween decor.
Paper Mache Skull Tutorial
Pumpkins, so many different ways to do this.  You could stack them and make a topiary or do a face and have interesting wall decor.  Make them tiny with a stick for floral picks or how about a Holiday Tree with little pumpkin ornaments.  So many options, so little time!
Paper Mache Pumpkin Tutorial


This is a great video, she's got all kinds of information for paper mache projects.  These Santa Faces would make great ornaments.  Check out her other videos at Hectanooga1 on You-tube.

Such an easy project for great holiday decor.  These could make cute ornaments as well.

Paper Mache Santa Hat-  A great, easy craft for Holiday Decor.
I am completely enamored with these reindeer.  The link ends at Pinterest but with some research into paper mache methods I'm sure figuring them out would be easy enough.  Adorable!
Paper Mache Reindeer
What a great Santa.  I'm thinking a 2-liter bottle could work perfectly for the base.  
Paper Mache Santa
These are from Pottery Barn but how easy would they be with balloons or just a 2-liter bottle for the base.  Too cute!
Paper Mache Snowmen


What an adorable bunny.  Might be slightly harder to accomplish but well worth the extra effort.
Paper Mache Bunny
Easter eggs, kiddos would love making these.
Paper Mache Easter Egg Tutorial  
Have you made anything using paper mache?  If you'd got a glue recipe that is tried and tested I'd love to hear about it.  

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