Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wedding Shower Fun

What a great group of ladies that got together for a wedding shower yesterday afternoon.  The bride and bridesmaids as well as the mother of the bride and an aunt came from Kentucky to help us celebrate.  Hard to believe that a young man my boys grew up with is getting married in June.  My oldest is talking marriage and wow, do I feel old. 

I had some car troubles today so spent the first part of the shower outside dealing with having my car towed and talking to the Ford Service guy, when I came in they were finishing a game that was really interesting, and hard!  The groom wrote out a story about how they met, their relationship grew and when/how they got engaged.  They copied it onto these sticker sheets and then the challenge, and boy was it ever a challenge, was to put it back in order.  At the end, the future bride reads the story and you see who came close to matching it.  Pretty neat game.

These were the party favors, what a cute idea as well.

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