Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our First Project of the Season- Slowly Progressing

I keep thinking someday I'll post and you'll be surprised by how far we've gotten. 
Not today! 
 I have to keep reminding myself that slow progress is still progress, right?
Posts are here!   
New header is going up.  That was fun.  I was the only help and believe me, I use that term VERY loosely!  I think I did more whining that helping. 
 That's a heavy board. 
 Only holding it up there wouldn't have been too bad but I'm balancing on a ladder while the wind is whipping it around (it actually blew it over without my weight on it), holding the board up with one hand while trying to finish pulling wire through a little, bitty hole in a board getting heavier by the second. 
I am not that strong! 

The posts need cut down a little so I'm going to have chunks leftover, whatever am I going to do with them?  Throwing around a couple ideas, any suggestions?
Whew!  Now to get the posts up.
Well, two of the new posts anyhow.   
And that my friends is called progress, however slow it might be. 
If you'd like to follow along with our project here's a link to the very first post, Our First Project of The Season- 2015, and at the end of that you'll find the links to all future posts (I'll keep it updated as we move along).  Hope your projects are progressing smoothly, what are you working on this spring?

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