Friday, April 10, 2015

Quick Trip to St. Louis Art Museum

I always forget how beautiful driving through Forest Park can be.  Hoping to make it to "The Muny" this year for a show and I haven't been to the zoo in years.  All on my summer to-do list.
This is the Art Museum.  Beautiful building and if you stand in front of the building and look across the street the following pictures are what you'll see, what an amazing view!
This is what you'll see upon entering the building into a humongous central entry/receiving room with three large archways in the middle on either side with smaller archways on the ends.  The pictures don't do it justice.  Immediately upon walking in I was awe-struck and silenced by it's majesty. 
My son was on a mission so this was an incredibly quick trip.  I didn't even have time to read signs and look at everything.  I snapped some pictures of the things that grabbed me, for him, he took two pictures.  Can you believe that? 
I've only been to the museum one other time and I remember these wonderful paintings by Gerhard Richter.  I am no Art Connoisseur, I love it but have no idea about technique, history, what style, etc.  I simply gravitate towards certain pieces that draw me in, like these.  They are outstanding!
Another piece I really love is this one by Susan Rothenberg, so beautiful.  Someday I'd like to learn more about Art and maybe then I could properly describe it but for now, I love how it feels so "surreal", "muddied",  gives an impression of what it should be but somewhat hidden in how it's portrayed.  That is a style that I just love and this piece is one of my favorites!
I also tend to gravitate towards pieces such as this.  Why?  I have no idea but I find them interesting.
Sometimes I tend to forget how incredibly talented people of old were.  At first, from a distance this looked like a tapestry, it's tiny little mosaics.  Wow!  Makes me think of all the amazing Architecture from early days.  How amazing those people were.  I can't figure it out now and they, with no modern tools and heavy machinery managed to build such amazing things.
This is one of the little rooms at the museum.  Gorgeous!
One of 2 pieces my son took a picture of and is considering writing his paper about.  A man wrestling a python. 
I also tend to gravitate towards Oriental Artwork.  Something about it pulls me in.  So beautiful.
I still have more but I'm going to break it up into two parts, coming soon the 2nd piece my son thought enough of to take a picture and consider using for his project and a handful of other gorgeous pieces that drew me in.  Some really great stuff.
If you're ever in the St. Louis area make sure you visit Forest Park.  Lots to do and much of it is FREE!.  Check out the Zoo, free admission to much of it and if you time it right (earlier the better) you can park for free and gain admission into the Children's museum for free (check out their website for details).  The Art Museum is right up the hill from the zoo, free admission and parking.  If you meander around Forest Park eventually you'll find your way to The Science Center, lots of free stuff as well as paid portions.  Lots to see and do.  If you time your visit right you could also see a show at The Muny, (there is a limited number of free seats here as well, first come first serve).
Also, don't leave town without heading to City Museum.  This is by far one of my favorites (nothing is free here).  If you have kids its well worth it.  Full of art installations and found object art, huge ballpit and climbing areas for the kiddos (outside), a small aquarium, underground cave-type systems, my boys absolutely love this place and if you like recycled art or inventive uses of found objects, this is the place for you.  
Lastly, another of my boy's favorites (when they were younger anyhow) is The Magic House.   Just a few of the many things to do here in St. Louis, MO. 
Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Art Museum trip.

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