Sunday, April 12, 2015

Quick Trip to St. Louis Art Museum- Part 2

My son and I took a quick trip to the St. Louis Art Museum and boy, was he on a mission.  That's the quickest I've ever walked through a museum.  I really want to go back when I have more time to actually admire and enjoy the artwork. 
Caleb needed to pick a piece of artwork to write a paper on and he wasn't interested in spending any more time at the museum than was absolutely necessary.  As we walked through the first huge room of artwork he just aimless wandered muttering, "when I see it, I'll know it".  Well, unlike me where many things jumped out and grabbed my attention, he only found two that entertained him in any way.  The first one I shared in Part 1 and the other, well, it also caught my eye so you'll see it in just a minute.  
This piece to the right is in the main entrance area, interesting.  I told him it reminded me of a robot and he thought I was crazy, all in the eyes of the beholder right!
 We quickly walked through the pottery and furniture sections.  Some really beautiful stuff.  This piece caught my eye.  How intricately made, amazing!
 Again, I wish I knew more about Art but this style is my favorite.  I love how its not a photograph, not a perfect portrayal but kind of "muddied".  Is that Impressionism?  I have no idea but it's one of my favorite styles of art. 
This one drew me in as well.  I imagine a walk through the mountains, the breeze blowing through my hair and a campsite next to a lake.  The colors are magnificent.  They aren't quite right, if that makes any sense.  They don't match reality, or the reality I've seen and I really like that.  
This is the second piece that drew Caleb's attention.  It really is a magnificent piece of work, and huge!  The colors are wonderful and the ice is so realistic, how in the world do they do that?  It is so life-like, amazing. 
This is another style that I love.  Again, I need an Art Class, I have no idea what style it is but I really love it.  I have an old book of my grandmother's that has some artwork in it that really reminds me of this piece and I'm always shocked by how beautiful the colors are, so vibrant.
This waterfall is interesting to me as well, love it!
I really like this one too.  It's interesting how the overall picture seems dark and quite dreary to me at first glance.  I almost walked on by.  Then, I came a little closer and took it all in.  Pretty interesting, seems like with each step closer something different popped out at me.  For instance, do you see the lake in this picture?  I didn't?  What about the next couple pictures?  See it now?  That is very cool to me.  What about the rainbow?  The waterfall spray?  The bald eagle?  Keep looking.  I really love how this grew a new life with each step closer. 
As we were leaving I caught a glimpse of this tree through the windows.  Wow!  It's a sculpture of a shiny metal tree.  Really great!  The picture doesn't do it justice!  Wish we had more time to walk around.
 My crazy boy needed proof that he actually went to the museum. 
Even short and sweet it was a great trip.  I'd really like to go back when I have more time but who knows when that's going to happen.  Have you been to any museums lately?  Do Tell.

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