Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Building The Chirping Frog- Part 15

Another week gone, two really but who's counting (me!) and we're making progress, every little bit gets me closer to my goal of opening The Chirping Frog, an antique and more mall with a variety of antiques, collectibles, vintage, home decor, furniture, artisan wares and repurposed items.  

Here's weekly updates from the beginning if you're interested:

Half the roof is done, the other side is where the air conditioners sit, there's been a slow down to get the curbs built and installed correctly so that they don't leak.  As much as I want things done quickly I also want them done right (as my husband informed me and of course, he's right).

Here's the start of the first curb.  There will be six air conditioners so six curbs, they must get installed and metal flashing fabricated in order to continue with the roof.  

Meanwhile, Jason spent a weekend installing drainage tile around the building, you can see where it sticks up for gutters to dump into.

Some of the wainscoting has been installed.

They also spent some time putting on the hurricane brackets you see here.  Could you just imagine the whole roof flying off and having to start again, that would have been awful.  

A little of the soffit got started as well while waiting for the flashing.  I know it seems a little sporadic but that's how it works.  While waiting for one thing you press on with whatever else you can get done.  It all comes together in the end.

Jason and I worked on prepping the front for the vertical concrete application.  First thing, the metal flashing.

The guys installed a plywood base then Jason and I got the liner and metal lathe installed.

Scratch coat comes next.

Monday we started the concrete application.  I'd forgotten how fun this stuff is to play with.  Jason helps me out for a little while in the morning to get things mixed up and I throw it onto the wall and get it carved.  I can only manage about 6 bags of mix before it becomes un-workable.  What you see below is one bag right after I've thrown it onto the wall and smoothed it out with a trowel.

It gets stamped and carved to become what you see below.

It'll take us a couple weeks to get the concrete wainscoting and truss bases done, by then the roof should be done so Jason can put up the pine trusses he made for the front entry.  Its really coming together.  Very exciting!

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