Monday, June 6, 2016

15 Unique Planter Ideas Made From Repurposed Items

Years ago, when we lived in a subdivision and were going through the initial HOA set-up, we seriously considered adding a toilet for a planter in our front yard.  Yes, that's exactly how we felt about all that jazz, but still, it would have made a cute addition to my landscaping (and ticked off a few annoying neighbor nazi's as well.  Win,win).   I still love the idea and have seen it done numerous times, very cute!

 I love seeing unexpected items used as planters.  So many creative ways to add interesting elements to your landscaping.  Here's a few great ideas I've collected from Pinterest.  You can find more great planters ideas and suggestions for planting on my Pinterst Board:  Landscaping- Planters.

This gives all new meaning to the term "flower-bed"!
Found on Pinterest

Love the trash can idea.  Put something heavy in the bottom (to keep it from wanting to tip over), fill the center with plastic bottles, styrofoam or some other type of filler and then use the top portion for a planter.  Adorable!

An old table base and a wash tub make an adorable planter.

I cleaned out my grandmother's home a couple years back and she had a huge old sink in the basement (original to the home), I'm still kicking myself for not taking it out and bringing it home with me.  What was I thinking?

I am in love with this!  Don't think it'd last very long but wow, what a statement.
Found on Pinterest

Bold pop of color makes this chair planter even better.
Feeder turned planter, another great idea!
Found on Pinterest
This is gorgeous.  Don't throw out that broken fountain just yet.
Such a great idea for old fan covers.
Firewood... planter.... firewood...  planter.  Decisions, decisions!
Love this.  What a great idea.

I don't know about you but I can always find old work shoes around here.  Such a cute planter.

Equinox27 on
Wow!  Makes me want a bathtub planter in my yard.
Karol Franks on
I found these a couple years ago with every intention of making some.  Hasn't happened yet but they're still on my radar.  Easy project to make a statement in your yard.  Love them!
Yep, there's a tutorial.  No, it's not in English. 

Have you made anything creative or used unique items for planters in your yard?

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