Friday, June 3, 2016

12 Ways To Add A Little Pizzazz With Flooring

When building our home I had lots of different ideas for how to add my own quirky sense of style to the floors. By the time we were putting in the wood flooring and I could have brought those ideas to fruition I was exhausted and already overwhelmed by all the other projects we'd been doing that I threw all those thoughts right out the window.  I'm saving them for later (when/if we ever decide to change things out).

Check out some of these wonderfully creative ways to add a little pizzazz to your flooring.

First things first, if you've got concrete already, why not use it?  There are so many different ways you could finish it off to make it uniquely yours.   
You might be surprised at the gorgeous stencils you can find for concrete work.  Just beautiful!

Another great idea is to jazz up your transitions.  Love this idea!  Years ago my dad changed out the flooring in his home and had the entry way tile and living room carpet meet with a gentle sweeping curve.  Such a simple way to add an artistic touch.
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Tile work mixed with wood in a checkerboard pattern, lovely.  It would be quite time consuming to do but well worth the extra effort.
1900 Farmhouse

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When tiling you don't have to spend a fortune to get a completely unique look.  Find a basic, neutral tile for the majority of the floor and then add a touch of fun with a great mosaic.  Love how they laid this.
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This is one that I did a few years ago.  The large tiles are from Home Depot or Lowes and I added splashes of the mosaic to add some interest.  You can see the rest of this project here.

How about unfinished wood and you can make the design anything you want?  On a trip out to visit my dad we spent a little time in San Fransicso, sight-seeing.  One of the tours was of the Painted Ladies, beautiful homes with amazing character.  One of my favorite floors was a simple narrow border inset around the perimeter of the rooms with a different finish, clever way to add a little interest.


I really love mosaic and this just takes the cake.  How unique is that?

Pennies, who'd a thunk?  Looks great!

This is such a unique way to bring nature inside, wonder how it feels underfoot?

Have you done anything unique and creative with your flooring design?  Inspire us!

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