Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Peek Inside My Completed Cereal Box Journal

A completed journal and I'm actually using it, how 'bout that!  

Earlier I shared with you how I made the cover for this journal and now I'd like to give you a peek at the interior and how I put it all together.  
I pulled out all my leftover papers, cut them in half and am using them for the pages (I still have the other half so I can make another journal someday).

I want to bind my book with ribbon, I really love that look, so I punched two sets of holes in the spine of my cover and added some grommets to give it a nice clean, finished look (I used a hammer since my crop-a-dile won't reach that far down the spine of the book).

Then with the template I used to poke the holes in the spine I added holes in my pages to form 4 signatures with roughly 8 pages each.  After I got them into the book I started the decorating process, using leftover papers.  Here's a look at some of the pages:

I am using this journal to document the process as we build The Chirping Frog.

I have never been very good at journaling so I am not doing a great job keeping it updated but I am keeping track of the major milestones and adding my own little bits of crazy (you know, frustrations of building and the ramblings of exhaustion when we're in the thick of it).  

I am hoping once we get the mall open to have some classes making a variety of journals, they are so much fun and can be personalized for any occasion or topic.  What do you think, what type of journal would you make and how would you use it?

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