Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Vertical Carved Concrete Pump House

I have flower beds all throughout the yard. Which, in the heat of summer requires hoses all over the place. I'd like to say "he loves me" and that's why he trenched water lines everywhere to help me keep my flowers alive, but the truth is he was really sick of hoses! I'll take it- watering is so much easier!

Now, to hide the pump, sounds like a good summer project doesn't it? (This project was completed a few summer's ago).

First, we dug out and poured a pad with footings, then the framing begins.

Inner framing is nearly done.

Inner framing and rebar, getting closer.

Ready to pour. Inner framing is done, rebar in place and outer framing with supports is in.

Here's a look from the lake side. Pour in progress.

I won't be doing anything to the top so he's stamping it.

Removing the forms. Almost my turn...

Here's the finished product. Took me a couple days to get it carved and another couple of hours for color.

Someday it'll get a door. Not sure when, but someday!

Now when I want to water all I have to do is flip that little switch and turn on faucets located strategically throughout the yard. (Some still require hoses while others are now hooked to a sprinkler system). Thanks babe- works great!

 In a couple weeks I'll be doing a similar vertical application to "The Chirping Frog", the wainscoting across the front of the building and the piers holding the pine trusses hubby made for the entrance.  Can't wait to get started.  Right now those trusses are loaded up on a trailer waiting to make their grand entrance, also only a couple weeks away.  

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