Wednesday, May 11, 2016

8 Fabulous Garden Structures

No garden is complete without structure of some kind.  Whether it's an evergreen bush, some ornamental grasses strategically placed or an archway leading to a cozy spot,  structure is a must.  Here's a collection of 8 inspiring ideas to add structure, in an artistic way, to your landscaping.

 I am loving all the willow structures I'm seeing these days on Pinterest.  Really great stuff.  This is incredible.

What garden is complete without a comfortable place to sit and relax?  If I had this there'd be a lot less landscaping work getting done and a lot more relaxing, I'd be in trouble.  This is really great!
This is absolutely amazing.  If you're gonna have an archway this is the way to go.  Wowzer!
 I have a love affair with concrete so I had to include at least one structure made of concrete.  This is a great example of concrete as artwork in the garden setting.  Love the way they've left crevices in the wall and slight color changes, veining.  How cool is that!
I was so inspired by this picture last year I started doing some research and ordered willow branches.  After loosing over half (I have awful luck with anything I buy bare-root, I guess I'm not the nurturing type) those left will someday form a willow structure along these lines.  Can't wait for them to grow enough to start tying them together (and produce shoots I can use for more willow structures throughout the yard).  Very fun project!  Follow the link and you'll find a variety of great willow projects.
I am completely infatuated with this garden enclosure.  How unique and interesting.  Makes a great screen without feeling completely closed off from the outside world.  Just enough of a partition to define the space yet allow lots of light.  I wonder if I could make that using PVC pipe cuttings?  Sounds like a trial project someday to me!  Follow the link and you'll find a variety of amazing garden screens, lots of inspiring ideas.
What a great way to add a whimsical touch to the garden.  This is really great.  Follow the link and you'll find lots of ideas using bicycles to add a little structure on the artsy-fartsy side to your garden.

 I want one of these.  My husband wants to make one at the front of the driveway that you drive thru with the vertical carved concrete that I do.  That would be a lot of fun to work on.  If not, I NEED a small one of these as an entrance to my front flower bed.  I really love how a doorway or obvious entrance helps to lead the eye and beckon you to "come on in and sit for a spell".

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