Thursday, May 12, 2016

Building The Chirping Frog- Part 10

Now that the concrete floor is done things have slowed down, thank goodness.  Hubby has worked himself to death to get us to this point and we are ready for a little breather.  Framing was supposed to start today (last I heard the leader of the pack is sick right now so we're postponed just a tad).  We've added some windows, made some lighting decisions and decided we are doing a vertical concrete wainscoting across the front of the building.... things are really coming together.  Cannot wait to see the building go up.  Lots more work to do but wow!  This is really happening.

Here are some links if you're interested in following our progress:

This week has been clean-up and getting the forms outta here.  

All the forms had to come off the top of the bathroom area as well.  Caleb (my youngest) spent time cleaning up the forms, stacking them and giving them a coat of form oil before we returned them.

When it came time to band them together and get them ready to go we found that our cleaner didn't stack them well enough and we ended up having to move them all around and restack them.  What a night, them things are heavy!

Nifty tool used to band these metal strips together.  When I first saw the crimper all I could think of is how great of a tool that'd be for jewelry making, then I saw how it crimps, NOT!

I went out of town for Mother's Day weekend to visit my mom and grandmother while Jason loaded all the bundles onto the trailer and got a pile of dirt moved.  Poof!  Like magic they've disappeared.

I am so excited to see the log trusses go up and start playing with fun interior projects (like staining the floor, my suitcase storage wall and whatever I end up doing with all them records I bought).

Next time I hope to show you some framing progress....

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