Friday, May 20, 2016

Stencilled Walls in Theatre Room

Do you have "winter projects" around your home, things you set aside for winter because you'd be "wasting daylight" (as my husband always says) if you're working on something inside while the weather allows you to be working outside somewhere? 

Our first winter in our new home  (about 9 years ago now) my husband and I made a choice, whole house generator or theatre room.  Normally, my husband is extremely practical and prepared for anything, this winter, practicality flew right out the window and we put in a theatre room.   He chose all the technical stuff and I had fun with the decorating, and boy did I have fun.

I'd recently hung some wallpaper for a client, a beautiful black and gold print that I really would of liked to use in the theatre room but man, the price was outrageous and I am way too cheap for that.  So, I decided to try to use it as inspiration and stencil instead.  Took me about four days to get it done but I saved a TON of money!

The first thing I did was paint the wall black and choose a yellow/gold paint for the stencil.  I played around with it deciding how many repeats from floor to ceiling so I could decide where I wanted to start/stop (I didn't want to stop in the middle of the stencil if I didn't have to).  I chose to stop short of the ceiling and floor to avoid this. 

It was pretty bright and bold so I toned it down with a wash using a different sheen of paint in a soft brown color (a color I had sitting around from previous projects of course).  Here you can really see the wash.  I did not stencil the wall and inset where the screen is at.  I always planned to add a floor to ceiling curtain so it wouldn't be seen anyhow (as if, it's still not  been done).

We made makeshift towers for the speakers using cinder blocks.  I sewed skirts for them out of black fabric so they blend right into the walls.

 I also chose to two-tone the carpet.  The door in this picture is the entrance into the room.  On the other side (and the next picture) is a door leading into the "data closet".

  We have seating for seven.  We also keep an elliptical machine in this room at the bottom right (out of the picture of course) corner, that's about the only way I'm going to exercise.

This time of year, especially with "The Chirping Frog" being built and keeping us pretty busy, this is a welcoming, relaxing moment at the end of a long work day.  Most nights you'll find us eating dinner while watching Big Bang Theory before we hit the sack.  

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