Friday, May 20, 2016

A Few Ideas to Decorate With Natural Elements

I am a huge fan of bringing the outdoors in!  Here's a few things I found on Pinterest that do just that.

This is about the coolest table I've seen in a long time.  If you follow the link there's an island that is just outstanding as well.
The link above also shares the top book shelf.  I really love the look of the bottom shelving.

How cute is that?  An easy way to add a natural element to a room.
These are so cute.
I just love this.  Gorgeous!
This Etsy shop has all kinds of great wood slice art pieces.
ModernRusticArt on Etsy
Imagine the shadows this adorable light would create.
What a great coffee table.
I'd break this in a heartbeat but I really like the idea of it.
Love these.
Art prints using natural elements is another way to bring a little bit of outside, in.
Most of these examples focus on trees but what about rocks or natural materials.  Here's just a few more great examples:

This is a great fireplace, not every home can handle something like this but how about adding rock in a less massive way....
Like a backsplash?
The Chirping Frog
Or a rug?
Another way to bring some natural elements into your decorating is with materials.  Baskets work great.
or window treatments.

How have you brought natural elements into your home?  

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