Thursday, March 31, 2016

Suitcases....They're not just for Traveling Anymore

Every Antique Shop or Thrift store I walk through has a variety of suitcases of all shapes and sizes.  I still have some old pieces of my grandmothers that I've set aside in the hopes of finding a way to re-purpose them.  Check out these great ideas for using vintage suitcases.

How about a registration desk, this is from a hotel in Barcelona.
Or this amazing couch from the Indianapolis Airport.  I've flown from that airport a couple times, next time I might have to search for this and see how its put together and get an answer to my biggest question:  Is it comfy?
Missing a drawer, no problem, just add a suitcase.  Cute idea.
 Found on pinterest

A medicine cabinet is a great idea.  You could also make it a liquor cabinet, makeup case or sewing box.

Don't forget your best friend, cute, unique idea to raise food and water bowls.
This link has 30 ideas for re-purposing suitcases.  
They make a nice comfy pet bed as well.
estate 2 on Etsy

Cut them in half and you've got great shelving.

thecherrychic on Etsy

Stack them to create any number of side table designs and look at all that storage.

More cute, padded furniture ideas.

 found on pinterest


I don't know about you but I'm inspired and on the look-out for vintage suitcases.  Have you done anything creative with old suitcases?

Here's a few of the suitcases we have available at the shop, The Chirping Frog.

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