Friday, March 25, 2016

15 Fabulous Bottle Cap Art Projects

The other day, while trying to clean out and organize my stash I came across a box of bottlecaps.  What am I going to do with them?  

Here's a variety of projects to inspire that show just how beautiful simple bottlecaps can be. 

My mom made Christmas ornaments using old tins, this project reminds me of them quite a bit.  Adorable.

Love these.  What a cute idea.


by your hands
These are just adorable.  I've been working on art journals and this is a great way to decorate and personalize paper clips for journals (what about for clothespins or bobby pins?).

simple sue
Lots of possibilities using them for jewelry applications.

Follow the link for a variety of creative accent wall ideas.  Really love this backsplash.

Found on pinterest
 I couldn't help but include it, how cute is that!
Great idea.

crochet rising
Cute little tin man.

a Stylish Little Lady
This is just outstanding, its bottlecaps, Wow!

noted list
I just saw windchimes at Dierberg's made with bottle caps.  Really cute idea.


Found on pinterest
Lots of possibilities
These are great and would make perfect personalized gifts.


Next time you pop the top, StOp, don't throw that cap away, start collecting them, if you're not going to use them find someone who will (my hand is raised, send 'em my way).

Have you made anything cute with bottlecaps?

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