Monday, March 14, 2016

How to Make an Animal Pendant Using Tin

While playing with tin, making little book pendants with mom, I started thinking of what else I could make.  For some reason a whale popped into my head but this can easily be converted into another design.                                                                                                                                 The first thing I did was draw my whale and his pieces.  I made the body, a fin and a tail.   I cut out the pieces and marked on the body where I wanted them to fit as well as the connection spots.

Using the paper templates I marked and cut the pieces out of tin, sanding the edges with a file.

Punch holes for connections.

Use rivets to make connections.

I used cardboard packaging as a spacer so I could leave a little room while riveting the tail so that it could move.  Turned out so cute.

I added an eye and an eyelet for hanging.

I wanted to decorate the back in some way so I used pattern paper.  It leaves a very sheer, tissue paper look allowing the gold color of the tin to shine through.  Really pretty and simple finish.

Now, how am I going to use it.  Haven't decided quite yet but it'll become part of a necklace someday.  I'm thinking of other animals that'll work; monkeys, birds, frogs, a butterfly?  What do you think would be cute?  

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