Monday, March 28, 2016

7 Inspiring and Unique Lighting Fixtures

I am always looking for creative ways to re-purpose and bring new life to common, everyday items.  Lights fixtures are an easy way to do just that.  Here's a few of my favorites:

This is wonderful.  You could use a wheel or a lid of some kind for the top portion and the possibilities for the dangles are endless.  My thought, how about the bottoms of plastic water bottles?  When cut they look like flowers.

Found on Pinterest

I really love this idea as well.  Wouldn't it be nice if grandma's old canisters could forever be a part of your home as lighting fixtures?  What a neat way to keep them close yet not have them on your counters (I hate countertop clutter).
Follow through on this pin and you'll find 24 amazing ideas to up-cycle ordinary things into gorgeous lighting fixtures.

These are amazing.  So beautiful and unique, that's a PVC pipe guys (and gals)!  My husband will think I've lost my mind but I really want to try these sometime.
upcycle us
Again, I'm flabbergasted, this is outstanding.  Never knew silverware could look so good!
urban comfort

This one makes me smile every time I see it.  I can't help but hum, "I'm a little teapot...."

Safety pins, yep, incredibly creative!
inspire me
Ever since my first visit to World Of Concrete years ago I've wanted to make a concrete light fixture.  I have yet to attempt it.  Hopefully I can get my act together and try one out soon.

Can you believe some of the materials used to create these lovely lights?  People are so creative.  For more check out my Pinterest Board called DIY- Lighting.  These are just a few of my favorites, there's plenty more to see.

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  1. These are so inspiring and unique lighting ideas! All the ideas are superb. I will get married at one of indoor wedding venues in LA and going for custom decorations. Would love to use these lighting ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!


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