Thursday, March 10, 2016

Building The Chirping Frog- Part 2

Another week has flown by and we've been working hard trying to get site work done so we can move on to footings and get this building started.  It is really exciting to see how much progress we've made.

On Saturday I was a little depressed, we'd worked all day, my shoulders were throbbing and the rest of my body ached, yet it didn't feel like we'd accomplished much.  Well, it's amazing what a couple more nights of work can do.

Here's a quick reminder of where we started and a look at the progress we've made.


Most of the trees have been cleared and that's all the dirt that's left to be moved.

My oldest has been home this week for Spring Break so the three of us have been moving dirt and compacting like crazy (well, the guys have done a lot more than me, my shoulder only lasts so long and then I'm done for).  One in the excavator, one in the bobcat and somebody running the compactor, trading off and on when needed.

The property also has tons of concrete "slush" lets say, seems like they cleaned out a bunch of trucks and just let it lay all over the property.  This little section and another out of the picture needs to come out for the sewer lines.  I got the joy of moving it all and adding it to my humongous pile out back (Forks, no problem but me and the bucket on the bobcat have a love/hate relationship when moving chunks of concrete.  I spend a lot of time yelling, thank goodness no one can hear me).  

Jacob has the pleasure of using the breaker to chop the pieces of concrete into bits.  Loving it that he's home, that'd be my job otherwise.  I am taking advantage of these days and trying to get some things around the house taken care of.  

Soon we'll be digging footings and getting the foundation ready.  Lots of concrete work in our future.  

Also ready for the building are the entryway trusses.  Hubby worked on them this winter and they are in the shed, ready to go.
We've also found a few cases.  We are having the majority of them built but there's another area where a couple cases could go and these will work perfect.  They are not exactly what I want, but the price was perfect so I'll make them work.  I plan to do some decorative work to them to make them more to my liking.

Our newest adventure:  The Chirping Frog, an antique, collectibles, vintage, home decor, furniture, artisan wares and more shopping mall in a great location right off a major interstate.  I also plan to host classes in a variety of fun topics; such as mosaic, hypertufa, jewelry making, paper arts, etc.  I am so excited and a little terrified all at the same time.  Work is well underway and things are moving right along.  Here's the link to Part 1 in case you're interested in following our progress.

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