Monday, August 3, 2015

Ugh, My Yards a Mess

Wow, took a walk through my yard this morning and got myself quite a wake up call.  Ugh!  Things are looking a little (more like a lot) rough.

I haven't been able to keep up and does it ever show!  I know what I'll be focusing on over the next couple weeks.  Here's a peek at what's happening right now in my gardens.

The butterflies are happy!

 We've have quite a few storms this year with crazy winds, my poor tree is suffering.  Gotta get out and cut off the broken limbs.  Not gonna be much tree left when I get done.

Black-eyed Susan's are blooming like crazy.  I love the pops of yellow throughout the landscaping.  One of my favorites.

My wall made it through the winter without any problems.  Purple coneflowers are another one of my favorites.  This entire area is covered with them and I just let the birdies deposit them wherever they will.

Look at all that pollen.  Go little bee, go!

Shasta daisies are another one of my favorites.  Lots of deadheading to do to clean 'em up.

I don't remember the name of this Hydrangae but it's my absolute favorite (of the Hydrangaes).  It has elongated flowers vs. pom-poms and it changes colors.  It blooms white then starting at the bottom the blooms turn pink.  It also can tolerate quite a bit of sun.  Gorgeous!

Gotta do some watering so I can pull the weeds which are out of control (otherwise the ground is so hard they just break off) and get some trimming and deadheading done.  My first attempt at a willow structure is also nearly ready to start weaving.  Due to the varying shade conditions it's more ready on one side than the other, hoping to remove a tree or two this winter to help with that (this is a picture from when I first planted it).

How's your garden growing?  

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