Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Look Back....

My mom does a "clean-out" every once in a while and I tend to inherit much of what she's trying to rid herself of.  This bench was one of those gems!  At first I thought I'd paint it a funky color but I really love the wood and I have a hard time painting something that looks good in its original condition.  So, I left it alone.  You can see the seat in the background, ugh!  I don't think they padded it much at all the first time and it's really, really dirty.

I had this fabric left-over from another project.  I love the colors so I used it to recover the bench seat, you're gonna laugh but I'm gonna tell you anyhow, I used an extra pillow as the cushioning.  I was antsy to get the project done and didn't have any other cushioning materials on hand, it worked wonderfully!

I placed it at the front door.  Now, what to do with this weird display space above.  Don't you hate it when all the "necessities" are placed in odd spots.  How do you hang stuff with all that "ugly" in the way!  Well,  I tend to work with it and incorporate it into the display.

I had this mirror left-over from another project and I loved it, so I kept it and it works great here.  I got the embroidered art at a family reunion (we always have an auction to help fund the next reunion, this was one of my purchases) and I love the colors.   I still have two small spots to help fill in the space. One spot I've got planned, the other I'm still looking for, I'm sure I'll come up with something.

Maybe that last spot can be a "switch-er-roo" spot where I can put something related to the season/holiday.  Sounds like a good idea to me.  Stay-tuned and I'll update you on what I decide.

Happy Decorating.....

Well, this is a re-hash of two separate posts, one from a year ago and the other focusing on the wall space above is from the end of November and guess what, that space is still not done.  I do have a great idea though just haven't gotten it accomplished.  Too many other things to do.   Just one more thing added to my "someday" list.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who does that?

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