Monday, August 17, 2015

Our First Project of the Season- 2015 Update

Well, the gutters are giving us a run for our money (I say us but I'm really not helping very much).  When they were manufactured they didn't do them the way my husband had them drawn, see those little tabs on one side of the gutter.  Those are to hang it from the underside of the deck, it should be a continuous piece of metal vs. tabs.  Hubby sent them back to have that changed out.  

Here's what he wanted.  

Then, when putting them up something about it being attached at the straight piece and the start of the circle made it buckle when trying to level them out and attach the longer metal tabs.  What a mess!

Hubby had to cut that section out and today it's going back in to be fixed (the metal guys are going to be real sick of him by the time this project is done).

Here's how it "buckled".  Doesn't look too bad in the picture but when hanging it bulges pretty good!

At that point my husband threw in the towel for the day and quit for the night.  We ate, watched a movie and he went to the land with his dad the next day.  Probably a good idea!

Sunday he was back at it again.  He got the straight section all leveled out and fully attached.

As well as some of the downspout work started.

 If you've noticed paper hanging off the front of some of the gutters, that's because they were in the garage for a couple days while he sprayed them with a sealer.  It's also used where the downspouts connect as well as the couplings joining multiple pieces of gutter together.

Although it's taking a lot longer than expected it is turning out fabulous and hubby, as always, is doing a wonderful job.

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