Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Saturday Fun

My husband calls me every night on his way home from work.  Friday I had been thinking about the weekend and what all I needed to work on until I found out he was going to the land.  I couldn't pass that up so Miss Pepper and I invited ourselves along.

Years ago my husband and his brother bought some property a couple hours south of us (north for the rest of the family).  The guys use it for hunting property while I simply enjoy a campfire and some peace and quite when I tag along.  They've since sold and purchased a new piece (not quite the same but it'll do) and Saturday I had the opportunity to spend some quiet time reading and just relishing in the solitude.  I think I could live out there without much problem and Miss Pepper, well, she just LOVES it!

 No sooner had we gotten out of the truck and Pepper and I were on our first walk.  I can't let her free at the house, she will not stay in the yard, at the land she roams freely and stays fairly close.  She'll go exploring and then pop back out of the woods or bean field to make sure I'm still there, then she's off again.

This is one of the many hunting blinds on the property.  I do not hunt (don't think I could do it) although I enjoy 3-D shoots, the many hunting "adventures" have been a wonderful way for the guys to bond (including the boys with grandpa and their uncles).

Miss Pepper enjoying her freedom.  I'd swear she's grinning as she runs and explores.

The lyric from a country song, "a man on a tractor with a dog in a field" comes to mind.  Grandpa and his tractor, my husband and his father mowed into the afternoon.  

The land has an old barn and a house.

Look at this construction.  Seems amazing to me that it's still standing.  No footings just a large rock to set the post on.  Wow!

There's also a small pond.  Pepper spent lots of time here cooling off between walks.

I brought along a book to read.  I had plenty to do at home but man, did this little break feel good and I haven't read a book in quite a while.

I walked with Miss Pepper then sat and read for a while before we were up again taking another walk.  This little guy was sitting on the log I placed my book on and nearly gave me a heart attack when quick movement caught my eye.  Cute little guy!

Last year my husband planted Persimmon seeds from the trees here at the house.  Once they'd come up he sent them with his dad and they planted them at the land.  Here's our little baby Persimmon's.  They say the deer like them.

They've got multiple rows such as this one along the edge of the field.

Lots of work to keep it up but I think they rather enjoy it!  Especially grandpa and his tractor.  Hunting season will be here before you know it and I'll be a "hunting widow" for a couple months.  Although I hate being alone for weekends on end throughout the hunting season its really great that the guys have a place to spend some quality time together and they've got some great stories and memories to boot.

Any other "hunting widows" out there?  If its not hunting, how else do the guys in your family spend quality time together?

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