Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bathroom Update

I've made my punch list and am working my way towards the finish line, slowly.  Things are really looking good and taking shape, still lots of little details to finish.  

Before I left on vacation I managed to get the flooring down and grouted while the backsplash, well, grouting will have to wait.  I've only worked one day since vacation and it took most of that time to get the grouting done.  Now, over the next couple days I need to finish off all the painting, cabinetry and walls.  After that there's still a handful of things on my punch list but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Here's a look at the progress we've made:

I've already ripped up the nasty carpeting and pad, removing all the tack strips and staples as I went (you can see more about that in the Bathroom Project Update post).  All the base boards also need removed.

The little toilet room had a layer of plywood and then the vinyl on top.  That was a bear to remove but I hate dividing up a room with flooring and didn't want a bump up at this doorway so it needed to go.
After all the staples are out and baseboards removed its time to put down the durock.

You lay the durock in a layer of mortar as well as screwing it into the subfloor.

I wanted to add a little movement and interest to the floor so I opted to tile on the diagonal.  

I've never placed tile in a remodel, it's always been new construction so I went to the hardware store and started looking through the saws (figured I'd need a hacksaw to cut the door frames) and I found this little guy.  Wouldn't you know it, they make a tool for that!

I laid the majority of the tile on day 1 then came back the next day for all the cuts around the edges and doorways.  Lots of crazy cuts and man did that take forever!

Almost done!  If I was stronger this might have been a little easier.  If the space was larger, that would have helped as well.  As it was, this was an exhausting adventure in DIY, can't even tell you how happy I was to get that final piece out!

Tile is down. 


This is how it was when I left for vacation.  I got it cleaned up and the majority of the tilework is complete (the backsplash still needs grouted).  

Grouted and here's a peek at the mirror and light fixtures.  Not sure I'm loving the mirror but if I need to I can do a dark rub and I think that'll fix it for me.

Here's a look back at previous posts, we've come so far:

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