Monday, October 12, 2015

How To Use Paper In Unique and Creative Furniture Projects

Have you ever walked through a Home Decorating shop and found a single roll of wallpaper (wrapping paper works too) and passed because you just didn't know how you'd use it?  I know I have.  More often than not, these days, I grab it and figure out how I'll use it later.  

As you can imagine my paper stash is growing fast.  I really can't help myself, I just love paper and there's so many creative ways to use it.  
Walls Republic Wallpaper Challenge with Hometalk is how I created the bed you see in the picture above.  I was given the opportunity to choose one roll of wallpaper and use it in any fashion I chose.  I opted to run it horizontally instead of the traditional vertical direction and applied it to an old, beat up bed.  What a transformation it is and a simple, quick project.

Another of my favorite furniture projects was this dresser I did last year.  I found it at a garage sale and the top had lots of issues.  I love the look of two-tone furniture so I painted the trim and left the drawers alone. I applied Wrapping paper from the dollar store (yep, I paid a dollar and am still in love with this paper) to the top and sides.  A dollar!  I'm still a little giddy about that one.

This is another paper from the dollar store.  I'm telling you, they've got a great selection of cute papers and the price is excellent.  This little desk came from my grandma's house and had seen years and years of use and abuse.  It was originally white but had aged to a nice shade of yellow.  I freshened the paint, changed out the hardware and added this adorable paper to the drawer fronts.  So cute!

Now for my final example of my paper furniture projects.  This old hairpin leg table is heavy as lead and ugly as can be.  It really  needed something to give it a little pizzazz.  I chose this adorable paper that lended itself nicely to the 50's feel of the table.  You guessed it, another dollar store find.  This paper wanted to wrinkle for some reason so I ended up giving it a good sanding.  I love the aged feel that sanding gave it.  

All of these projects used less than a roll of paper and in all instances I have plenty of paper left to do something else with in the future.  Check out your local thrift shop or antique mall for a variety of furniture pieces just begging for a new life.  

Have you used paper in some way to jazz up a piece of furniture?  If so, I'd love to see your finished project.  


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