Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How To Make Your Own Beaded Napkin Rings

For years my mom has been trying to get me interesting in jewelry making, I have laughed and scoffed and then a couple years ago she finally won me over. I love the creative expression and the ability to create "wearable art". There is too much to do to justify spending too much time on it for now, but I have found ways to incorporate a passion for beading into usable, decorative items for the home.

You can purchase wire at most hardware stores or craft stores. I buy it over the internet from Rio Grande in bulk. This is 18 gauge copper wire. Simply cut a length (about 3'), form circles on each end and start free forming your flower.

Gather it into the center and using 24 gauge wire begin wire-wrapping. There are lots of tutorials on the internet for more information on this technique. Here's a good one:

I do not weave all the way out to the edges, only about mid-way. Just enough to give it some extra strength and an interesting design.

Here's the back of the flower when its done.

Next, I used a travel size Listerine bottle to form the ring, wrapping 18 gauge wire around roughly 4 times. I then wrapped beads onto it using 24 gauge wire.

Form a cap of some kind on a length of 20 gauge wire (I formed a small loop) and add your decorative flower center, running the extra wire through the middle of the flower. This is the wire you will use to tie the two pieces together, making sure to run through the center a couple times for stability.

Here it is, a finished, OOAK napkin ring.

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