Thursday, October 1, 2015

4 Quick and Easy Ways To Market Your Art and Gain Clientele

Over the years I've tried numerous marketing techniques and spend a butt-load of money on advertising that really didn't  bring in much business.

On the flip side, I have found 4 wonderfully easy and inexpensive ways to market myself and gain clientele without breaking the bank.  You will not believe how simple they are and yet I am constantly overlooking them.

For an easy printable of my  top 4 "Quick And Easy Ways To Gain Clients" and a subscription to my "Cheat Sheet PostCard Series" subscribe here.

1.  Wear Your Art

If your form of expression is not "wearable" figure out some way to make it so.  Someone on Facebook that does an excellent job of this is Sarah Jane Design (she sells her artwork here).  She takes her artwork and turns it into colorful bedding, cell phone cases, greeting cards, etc.  Find a way to take what you create and broadcast it in your every day life, giving you an opportunity to spread the word on a daily basis.

While out running errands last week I happened to be wearing one of my favorite necklaces and was pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the amount of compliments I received.  Wow!

I was asked for a business card on multiple occasions and I was left looking quite unprofessional and unprepared considering I haven't gotten them made yet.  So, that leads us to my second point....

2.  Have Business Cards At All Times

Even better, incorporate your art into your business card.  You can imagine how silly I felt having to write my information out on a piece of scratch paper I dug out of my purse.  Come on, Margot!  You need to do better than that!  So do you, get your cards printed and start handing them out ASAP.

3.  Use Your Community Bulletin Boards

This might seem cheesy but I'm telling you, it works.  There are so many ways to use this technique but my favorite is to laminate a piece of paper with a pocket attached to hold business cards.  After its laminated you simply cut a slit at the top of the pocket and insert business cards.

A few tips about this:

  • Check with the shop to see how often they clean off their boards.
  • Make sure you use a bold graphic or large print to draw people to your display as they're passing by.  You only have a quick glance to grab their attention and draw them over.
  • Check on your boards periodically to refill or replace as needed.
  • Lots of people use this easy technique, you'll probably need to check on your poster to uncover it and re-position.

4.  Word of Mouth

Who do you call when looking for a plumber, landscaper or the best pizza in town?  I know who I would call and she has been my greatest marketer of all time.  After having her for a client I never, ever paid for advertising again.  

I am one of those people who talks when spoken to and is perfectly happy sitting in the corner, blending into the wall while watching what's going on vs. joining in.  Don't ask me to carry the conversation, you'll be sorely disappointed.  That's just not me but it needs to be when it comes to word of mouth.  

Get excited about what you're doing and shout if from the rooftops (with business cards in hand).  Start with family and friends and get some hubbub going about your business and what you have to offer then exceed their expectations when given the opportunity.

For an easy printable of my  top 4 "Quick And Easy Ways To Gain Clients" and a subscription to my "Cheat Sheet PostCard Series" subscribe here.

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