Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Additions at The Pink Elephant Antique Mall

Nestled between exit 33 and 37 along I-55 in southern Illinois (about 30 minutes outside St. Louis, MO) is an old school building turned Antique Mall called The Pink Elephant Antique Mall.  I've had a booth in the basement for a couple years now and my love for vintage (antiques and well, junk) has only grown over my time there.  It's a really amazing place with so much to look at and a little something for everyone.  

Just a couple weeks ago a new addition has opened called Christmas Decor & More, LLC.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a look at the new shop and it's adorable, mainly Christmas items but some fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving items as well.  Take a little tour with me of the shop.  

I've seen variations of these all over Pinterest and they are so beautiful.  The owner of the shop made this one, isn't she gorgeous!

Who doesn't need a little camo in their holiday decor?

If you have a gigantor tree and are looking for large ornaments, she's got an assortment of unique items to choose from.

Humongous stuffed reindeer.  He's gotta be over 6' tall.

The kiddos would love a super-hero stocking.

An assortment of holiday mugs and glasses.

A glass set for one of our "must-see" holiday movies (I might just need that)!

This is my favorite, do you have some explaining to do this year?

They're pink and huge, not sure how tall but at least 5'.  What a statement they'd make on either side of your front door.

Love it!

I always have a hard time finding stocking holders that I like, these are perfect and the others available are cute too.

Not only did a new Christmas shop open but a diner is in the works as well, not open quite yet but soon, real soon.  

Isn't it cute, can't wait for it to open and set a menu.  I hear they'll have chicken n' dumplings, my favorite.  Really hoping the rumors are true!

If you've never stopped in for a visit you really are missing out.  Here's a peek inside the mall as well.

I am standing on the landing upstairs looking over the gym space and you can also see the stage in the background.  But wait, that's not all, there's still the upstairs space and a basement.  Lots to see with a little something for everyone!

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