Friday, September 25, 2015

Unique Jewelry Creations and One Easy Way to Gain Clients

Over the past couple years I have been making jewelry and loving every minute of it.  I have found my favorite materials to work with are copper and natural stone with some wire-weaving mixed in.  

Yesterday, while out running some errands I happened to be wearing one of my favorite necklaces and was pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the amount of compliments I received.  Wow!

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I wish I had some business cards on hand to pass out, I have got to get those done.  Here's a sampling of the pieces I've made with a short description of the materials used for each.

Wire Woven Copper Leaf Pendant
Copper chain maille interspersed with hand-forged links make up the chain portion of this necklace with two wire-woven leaves and a single stone droplet as the pendant.  The accents beads are white turquoise and smoky quartz.  Measures roughly 26" in length.

Fire Agate Necklace
This is one of my favorites with gorgeous Emerald Green Fire Agate stone beads separated by faceted Smoky Quartz with a copper chain and closure.  All strung on heavy weight softflex beading wire.  Measuring approximately 18" in length.

Coral and Copper Choker
At a bead show I found this amazing coral and fell in love, I had to have it.  Strung on medium weight soft flex wire with alternating copper spirals hand forged by me with a copper chain and closure.  Measures roughly 17" in length.

Jasper Ball and Copper Necklace
When I saw these hugo Jasper balls at a bead show I grabbed them up quick, they are just gorgeous.  Yes, slightly heavy, but wow!  To give you an idea of their size the central stone is roughly 1 1/4" in diameter.  They are strung on heavy duty wire and separated by white turquoise and Chrysoprase rondells.  The necklace measures roughly 18" in length.

Antler Slice and Copper Link Necklace
This is a cutting of antler.  I couldn't resist it either (if you've not been to a bead show you are really missing out, just amazing stuff).  I chose to make it a pendant by using 18 gauge copper wire for the armature and wire-wrapping the pendant.  I also designed two links to make the chain.  All pieces for this necklace have been hand forged by me.  You can find a tutorial for the square links here.

Do you make jewelry, up-cycle clothing, make handbags or any other form of wearable art?  If so, are you taking advantage of the easiest form of marketing there is? 

  Wear your art! 

It's really that easy and have business cards on hand at all times, yes, Margot, I'm talking to you here!  You are really doing yourself a disservice if you're not carrying and handing out business cards at every opportunity.  

If your form of expression is not "wearable" figure out some way to make it so.  Someone on Facebook that does an excellent job of this is Sarah Jane Design (she sells her artwork here).  She takes her artwork and turns it into colorful bedding, cell phone cases, greeting cards, etc.  Find a way to take what you create and broadcast it in your every day life, giving you an opportunity to spread the word on a daily basis.

For my top 4 "Quick And Easy Ways To Gain Clients" and a subscription to my "Cheat Sheet PostCard Series" subscribe here

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