Monday, September 14, 2015

Business Card Fun....

Over the past couple weeks I've been playing around with ideas for business cards.  I'm thinking of using my "artsy-fartsy" creations for the front of a business card and filling in the back with more pertinent information (and possibly snippets of the other business cards).  So far I've started six differing designs and am planning to pick and choose those that I like and would like to have printed.  Here's what I've got so far:

I love the look of a color-washed background so that's what I started with.  I thoroughly wet the paper and then start adding the paint running it horizontally and adding water as necessary.

 Next I used book pages to cut out my tree and drew in my froggie.  I thought the tree was too plain so I used a stencil to add a design.

 What's a tree without leaves?

 I thought it was too boring still so I came in with a pallet knife and more paint.

Outlined everything with black marker and added "The Chirping Frog" with letters cut out of a magazine.  I think this one is my favorite so far.

My mom told me the first attempt was too busy, still my favorite mom but I'll try again and leave it more plain.
 Same background technique except I drew in my tree and frog first and tried to keep those areas fairly clean.

 I used decorative paper to make my frog and the inside of the tree is a short sentiment about antiques and then a montage of a variety of antiques and collectibles by name or maker.

I used magazine letters again, I love them and outlined everything in black.  Sorry mom, it's still too plain.  I think once I add some leaves to it I'll be happy with it though.

 I started with a variety of paint colors, three shades of pink, two blues and a couple greens.  I used a palette knife and just started adding colors.  I also made the flag pole with a pallet knife.

 I made a building with paper and added in my frog, changing her up this time.  I am liking it so far but its not done yet.

I added my name, "The Chirping Frog" with magazine letters again (can't help it, I love them) and started writing out a few things about my business on the right bottom corner.  I really don't like the corner so I'm probably going to end up scrapping this one.  Once I start messing with it I'll have no choice.  I can always re-do it later.

 Last night I got a start on two more ideas.  Not sure I like this one, but here goes.  The background is a solid piece of paper.  I cut out the colorful flowers and Miss Froggie out of paper and used spackling compound and a stencil to add the white flowers.

 I added a little color to the Frog and the raised plaster flowers.  It's a little too bright for me so I tried to tone it down with some water and white paint.

 Not sure what else I'll do now.  I still need to outline and add my name, "The Chirping Frog" but really not sure what else I'll do.  This one's still percolating.

I'm thinking I'm going to love this one but it's just a start.  I began by ripping a variety of papers in shades of brown and green (the idea of ground to treetops).

Then I drew in my tree with white paint.  I'm a contrast girl so I'm thinking I might just leave it white, and that's where I quit for the night.  My "artsy-fartsy" work space is upstairs in the boys loft but when its dark the lighting is horrible.  Lots more to do on this one but I'm loving the direction its taking so far.

This is a trial which I proceeded to paint and hated so I threw it out.  Planning to try again later.  I really love the linework but I did this one in pencil, planning the next one in ink (what color, I'm not sure).  

So, what do you think?  Am I completely crazy to try using my own artwork for business cards?

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