Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Building The Chirping Frog- Part 24

Another week has flown by and we're making incredible progress.  Opening day will be here before you know it.

You're probably sick of concrete work but it's mandatory so here ya go, another pour.  This time the handicap parking spaces and a loading zone out front got prepped and poured.  We still have two small pours to go; a pad for the dumpster and a small entry pad off a side door.

Jason's new toy, our bobcat went kaput, this one's a rental.

Caleb is getting it compacted.

Pour day, went smoothly and the rain bypassed us, lucky!

We went home for lunch and a quick nap after the pour, came back and started the parking lot.  That's gonna be a really, really slow process.

This is the first layer with the chunkier pieces.  There's still another fine layer to finish it off and I see plenty of rolling in my future .

This is a wall where the check-out counters will be.  I've gotten a coat of primer on and am working on getting it completed.  I'm hoping to use it to advertise the monthly classes.

First coat of chalkboard paint.  I am planning to frame it out with some wood leftover from the framing (they cut down 2x4's so I have these great pieces of rough-sawed wood that looks like pallet wood).

Saturday all the H/C piping got started...

... and returns are going in this week.

The interior metal is almost done.  All that's left is the employee/check-out space and the area around the bathrooms.

There's a small area of ceiling in the vestibule as well.  Can you believe it, we're almost done!  Well, with that anyhow.  Now it gets a little scary.  There's some plumbing to do and then the rest of the work is all on us.  I'm terrified.

Here's a peek back at how far we've come:
  • Part 1- Clean-up
  • Part 2- Dirt Work
  • Part 3- Tons of Rock & Footings 
  • Part 4- Foundation Walls
  • Part 5- Foundation Walls Poured
  • Part 6- Forming Bathroom Walls
  • Part 7- Bathroom Walls Poured
  • Part 8- Rock, rock and more rock!
  • Part 9- Concrete Floor Pour
  • Part 10- Clean-up
  • Part 11- Framing is Underway
  • Part 12- Trusses
  • Part 13- Trusses Are Up
  • Part 14- Metal Started on Roof
  • Part 15- Roof and Concrete Wainscoting
  • Part 16- More Carved Concrete and Pine Log Entry gets installed  
  • Part 17- Concrete gets stained, doors installed and grouted, still working on getting us closed up.  
  • Part 18- Framing interior walls.
  • Part 19-Miscellaneous projects
  • Part 20- Electrical has begun.
  • Part 21- Water line trenching, plumbing is in.
  • Part 22- Lots of miscellaneous
  • Part 23- Concrete, lighting and H/C, oh my!
I know y'all are dying to get in here and time might not be passing fast enough for you but let me tell ya, it's flying bye!  This next step is going to be a complete whirlwind of activity and physical (not to mention emotional) exhaustion (can't wait to get this place open so I can get a little rest!).  

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