Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Building The Chirping Frog- Part 17

With every passing week we get a little bit closer to opening The Chirping Frog, an Antique & More shopping mall with a variety of Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage, Home Decor, Furniture, Artisan Wares and Repurposed items.  Lots to do and time just keeps on ticking. 

Jason and I (well, mainly Jason) spent the 4th installing the bathroom doors and the next week getting them caulked and grouted (what a messy endeavor that is).

 After drilling a hole (or two) into the door frame you pump grout into the cavity.  Bondo will hide the hole and I'll paint the frames.  Thinking of decoupaging the doors themselves.

The guys got the other door frames installed as well.  One step closer to getting this place closed up.

The entry now has some roofing.

I'm in love with the entry.  We've had some problems with the metal which are too numerous to even mention but that got resolved, slowed us down (we should be getting used to that by now) but resolved, once the right stuff gets here things should move right along.  I just can't wait to get this place closed up.

Got some color on the carved concrete wainscoting and its sealed, ready for the wall panels to get installed, yippeee!

The windows are here!

Still a ton of work to be done but things are moving right along.  Here's weekly updates from the beginning if you're interested:
I am so excited and cannot wait to get The Chirping Frog up and running.  If you're looking for space to rent we're filling up fast, better hop to it. 

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