Friday, July 22, 2016

18 Clever Ways to Re-purpose Old Belts

I can't even tell you how many old belts I've thrown out around here,  I'm kicking myself.  Look at all the fabulous things I could have done with them.  
How about a wreath?  I love the different colors and textures with a gleam of metal splattered throughout.
This is such a great idea.  You could use any extra you might have for bracelets and the buckles make great jewelry pendants with a little added bling (or closures for art journals, might have to try that one out).

Cute idea to add a little something to a plain bucket.
Mine Own Little World on Hometalk
So many possibilities here, pick your design and fill it in with a variety of belts.  So cute, what design would you choose?
Cute way to hang a decorative shelf.
OffPonce on Etsy
Another great idea.  Turn that belt into drawer pulls or knobs (by folding it into a loop) for furniture.
Jazz up a plain wood frame with a decorative belt.  You could even add a little stain/paint to give it a little something extra.
They make gorgeous bracelets and you could get quite a few from one belt.  Change out the bling and the possibilities are endless.
RocaJewleryDesigns on Etsy
This one isn't so practical for me (I need a lot bigger bag than that) but such a cute idea.
seed time
Not even thinking about Christmas yet, if you are, this is cute too!

I have a purse that I washed and ruined the handle.  Cute little purse so I hate to throw it away but the handle looks hideous.  Wouldn't have thought of this but what a great idea, now to find the perfect belt for the project.
from Pinterest
Cute way to dress up a candle.

Looks like an old picture frame with belt handles and decorate belts for the bottom of the tray.  Very cute!

You know I had to sneak something about art journaling in.  This I just love.  What a great binding made from an old leather belt.  My mind-wheels are churning away figuring out how they did that, I must try it sometime.
 from Pinterest

Great alternative to a ribbon board.

That's a door!  Very cool.
 from Pinterest

If you love southwestern style decor you really need to visit this site, great stuff.  This table caught my eye.  The concept could work on the wood wire wheels you see at every vintage market you'll ever go to.  Scour the internet, you can find them for free or minimal cost.  Would make an adorable table.
lizzy and me western decor
Lastly, they are being used for flooring.  Not sure I can jump on board with that one, can't imagine the cleaning would be all that easy (I've seen entire rooms done in belts and stair treads, gorgeous) but how about a rug.  Beautiful!
I don't know about you but I am so inspired and on the lookout for belts now.  Have you made anything creative with belts?   I haven't, yet but I plan too.  

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