Friday, July 8, 2016

12 Creative DIY Projects to Re-purpose Rolling Pins

In years past I fell in love with a carved rolling pin at a local antique shop.  I tend to gravitate towards rolling pins for some odd reason (not much of a baker) but I still have yet to purchase any, thinking I need to break down and buy me a gorgeous carved one to start my collection.   

While cleaning out my grandmother's home I came across multiple well-used rolling pins (nothing fancy) that I'd like to keep around since they belonged to grammy.   Here's a few examples of creative ways to re-purpose rolling pins into functional decorative elements for your home.

How about a coat rack for the entry or towel hooks in the bathroom?  A great way to display a decorative collection.
creative ways to repurpose old kitchen stuff by
Add some silverware for smaller items like hot pads, keys, coffee cups, etc.
Makes an adorable tiered tray.
Cute way to display a decorative towel in the kitchen.
Found on Hometalk
The rolling pins could be decorated in a variety of ways to meet your needs and then used as bookends.
wheelerwilliam on Etsy
It's a little early for Christmas Decor but I couldn't resist, this is just adorable!
What about a wind chime.  Really cute idea.
passingtimeandchime on Etsy
How about using them for stamps.  So easy and you can personalize them in so many ways to make the design uniquely yours.
I don't know about you but I'm always looking for my recipe card in the mess surrounding my cooking space.  This is a great idea to keep it up off the counter and easily accessible.
Love the idea of using rolling pins for hanging window treatments.  Again, so many possibilities and ways you could personalize this to make it your own.  Great idea!
People are so creative.  I couldn't find a picture but I've also seen a rolling pin lamp.  Adorable!  Have you made anything cute with rolling pins?  Come on, inspire us, we'd love to see what you've done.

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