Monday, January 12, 2015

6 Creative Fencing Ideas

While driving home from church Sunday morning my husband asked me to come up with a couple
fencing ideas for the front and side yard.  When we moved out to the country eight years ago he wanted to fence in the yard.  I've held him off this long but now, with Miss Pepper around, he's more than ready to fence us in.

We live on roughly six acres with a couple ponds.  All along the front of the property and up the driveway can be seen by anyone driving by and us, all the time, so we want it to be decorative.  The other two borders of the property can be more functional than decorative.

I am not sure what I want but I do know it will not be a typical fence, I tend to avoid typical at all costs.  Here's a few of the ideas I've put together for him to choose from:

I really love this take on a traditional wood fence.  It reminds me of my rebar staircase inside.  It'd work for me just fine and still let the dog see through a little bit.  My only negative, I've had to stain wood fences before and I HATE it!  Do I really want to have to keep up with all that wood.  Not really!
This has been in my head for years.  I've had people collecting bottles for at least three years, my shed is filling up.  I have nowhere near enough to do a project of this magnitude, but I would love to do this in the front and side yard.  It would be fabulous and completely fitting for my personality.  The only negative, well, there's two.  I think it'd be last on my husbands list, don't think he'd do it and resale.  Not that I plan on ever leaving this place but I'm thinking the average buyer would not want a glass bottle fence.  I will have something inspired by this somewhere in my yard, just not sure it'll be the fence for the front yard.

I really love this one.  I think it blends perfectly my husbands need for practicality and cost effectiveness with my need to artsy it up.   This might just be our winner!  Think of the variety of flowering vines I could plant along the fenceline.  I'm drooling already!
This would be a cost-effective choice I believe.  It'd give you a step up from a typical chain link fence and give the dog the view out that I'd like for her to have.  I could also plant vines if I wanted too, which I do, of course.

This I absolutely love.  We'd have to alter it somewhat but it'd give the artistic feel I want.  My only negative, again, all that wood.  There is no way I'm keeping that up!


I adore this as well.  Not sure how cost effective it'd be and I would really like for the dog to be able to see through it, wonder how expensive slightly more decorative panels would be that maybe have some holes in them (some type of design)?  Or, would it diminish the integrity of the panels too much for me to make my own design?  Hmmm!  Questions for the hubby.  If this is cost effective and I could add some design to them I'd jump at this in a second!

He asked for a couple ideas so he could start figuring out the fence, I'm sure that'll be his spring project.  I think I've given him plenty to think about.  Wonder what he'll decide?  Can't wait to find out so I can start planning my projects around this one.  What would you choose?  Do you have an interesting fence design?  I'd love to see it!


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